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Developing a digital health financing product 

A digitally enabled means to provide quality healthcare through innovative financing. The project focused on leveraging human-centred design in answering the question, “how might we offer a health credit product to low and middle-income Kenyans that supports them in financially dealing with health shocks and positively impacts their health and livelihoods?”


Designing to improve maternal and child health outcomes

Through this engagement, we researched, designed and prototyped a financial solution that enables pregnant women to access quality health care. We aim to define a solution that will be tested, refined and eventually be piloted.


Human-centred design to improve micro-insurance adoption

Many low-income households either delay or forego healthcare because they lack ways of financing it when needed. Many such households do not have insurance, and the myriad of daily needs compete for their meagre incomes. Those who arelucky to access care are not guaranteed its quality. We sought to understand barriers and drivers to micro-insurance uptake and re-design a contextually relevant solution for users.


Understanding Farmer managed systems

The project aimed to understand the need for a digital seed exchange platform.


Solutions for the Kenyan Microwork Ecosystem

In the context of COVID-19, market closures and movement restrictions in Kenya have created a ripple effect across the economy, especially for young people working in informal labour markets who are now out of work.
Through this partnership, we sought to design a solution towards reducing youth unemployment and underemployment in Kenya by providing vulnerable youth with an opportunity to engage in microwork.


Harmonising User Experiences 

We supported Meerkat in improving how they publicly communicate their product offerings and integrate scattered online customer interfaces into one single and seamless experience.

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